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Icebug Acceleritas

Acceleritas is a very light shoe designed to run at high speed in technically demanding terrain. Tha..

119.00€ Ex Tax: 100.00€

Icebug Acceleritas 8W RBX9 Spring green Aqua

The new Acceleritas will be available from March 2020. Pre-orders can be made and will be shipp..

120.01€ Ex Tax: 100.85€

Icebug OutRun Men's RB9X

The OutRun is a trail running shoe with a focus on comfort for long distances. His fans therefore in..

126.13€ Ex Tax: 105.99€

Icebug spirit 5 OLX

The Spirit OLX 5 is a stable OL shoe. The spirit OLX 5 shines with its good fit and good value for m..

129.00€ Ex Tax: 108.40€

Icebug Spirit OLX 8

the new Icebug Spirit OLX 8 will be available and available from now on!!!.Actually a must for every..

140.05€ Ex Tax: 117.69€

Icebug Zeal OLX 4

Zeal OLX 4 Actually a must for every OLer - the OL shoe, which is made from recycled material a..

159.02€ Ex Tax: 133.63€

Inov 8 Mudclaw 260

Mudclaw 260 G.The toughest shoe in the world for the toughest mud slopes and steeplechase races in t..

150.00€ Ex Tax: 126.05€

Lumonite Air 2

Specifications1. Power output: 2231 lm (Labsphere FL2 -laboratory tested real lumens)2. Beam distanc..

273.69€ Ex Tax: 229.99€

Lumonite Leader

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The Leader is clearly the most sensational headlight that I was able to test during my e..

499.31€ Ex Tax: 419.59€

Lumonite Navigator2 set

Contents of the package1. Lumonite DX3500 lamp2. Lumonite DX3500 lamp protection cover3. Lumonite Fl..

349.85€ Ex Tax: 293.99€

Moremiles Running Socks Lumino pink

refleckting socks for more safty on the street by your run..

3.52€ Ex Tax: 3.52€