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SI card Siac

If you want a custom number please fill out the "Custom number field". If your number is not av..

64.33€ Ex Tax: 55.46€

Sportident Schoolset

  The SPORTident School and Training Set is a fully featured configuration of SI-Cards, SI..

2,179.63€ Ex Tax: 1,878.99€

Sportident Orienteering App set

The SPORTident Orienteering App Set is the best way to get started with the SPORTident Orienteering ..

190.88€ Ex Tax: 164.55€

O-Glasfiber control stand with SI holder small BSF 8

Ultra light glass fiber lot holder with Si plate for BSF 8.IOF approved for training and competition..

14.80€ Ex Tax: 12.76€

O-Glasfiber control stand with SI plate big BSF7

Ultra light glass fiber lot holder with Si plate for BSF7.IOF approved for training and competition;..

14.81€ Ex Tax: 12.77€

SI card 8

You can choose between red black and blue black. SPORTident Cards 8 and 9 are very robust and r..

27.17€ Ex Tax: 23.42€

Sportident BSF 8 DB

The SPORTident-Station BSF8 is based on a newly developed hardware core. The new designoffers a numb..

95.12€ Ex Tax: 82.00€

Sportident Air+Signalindicator

This RSSI is used to control and define the signal fields to avoid interferences with other magnetic..

41.18€ Ex Tax: 41.18€

Sportident Battery change service

ask for it. we repair si stations, siac and so on. ask and take your offer...

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Sportident BS 11BS

Identification at check points in outdoor sport disciplines like MTB Enduro, trail running, orientee..

174.49€ Ex Tax: 150.42€

Sportident BS11 BL

SPORTident Station BS11-BL June 2016 The SPORTident station BS11-BL (beacon large) is part of the SP..

348.00€ Ex Tax: 300.00€

Sportident BSF 8 DT Si Master 12000

SPORTident BS8 SI-Master is an extended SPORTident Control station.It works and can be configured as..

151.09€ Ex Tax: 130.25€

Sportident BSM 8

The SPORTident Station BSM8-D-USB is based on the BSM7-D-USB hardware core. The station works a..

104.40€ Ex Tax: 90.00€

Sportident BSM 8 USB

The SPORTident Station BSM8-USB is based on the BSM7-USB hardware core. The station works and c..

98.60€ Ex Tax: 85.00€