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Headlamp SV B22 + battery + head mount + carrying strap

A good and cheap headlamp for night orienteering and running training in the dark and dark. This lam..

131.71€ Ex Tax: 110.68€

Headlamp SV B33 + battery + head mount + carrying strap

Specifications1. Output power: 3600 lm2. Beam distance: 320 m3rd ray: combination4. Battery: 8.4V re..

153.13€ Ex Tax: 128.68€

Ledx Cobra

With 5500 lumen the LEDX Cobra sets a new standard for headlamps. It gives more light than most car ..

580.00€ Ex Tax: 580.00€

Ledx Mamba 3500

 New LEDX Mamba is a powerful headlamp and with its low weight and compact size it will be a go..

444.20€ Ex Tax: 373.28€

Lumonite Air 2

Specifications1. Power output: 2231 lm (Labsphere FL2 -laboratory tested real lumens)2. Beam distanc..

273.69€ Ex Tax: 229.99€

Lumonite Compass R

129.00€ Ex Tax: 108.40€

Lumonite Leader

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The Leader is clearly the most sensational headlight that I was able to test during my e..

499.31€ Ex Tax: 419.59€

Lumonite Navigator2 set

Contents of the package1. Lumonite DX3500 lamp2. Lumonite DX3500 lamp protection cover3. Lumonite Fl..

349.85€ Ex Tax: 293.99€

Lupine Betty

You turn to them and are amazed. 5000 lumens and a range of up to 380 meters - more is not possible...

669.02€ Ex Tax: 562.20€

Lupine Blika information "Blika RX 4"The Blika as a headlamp with 3.5 Ah FastC..

360.00€ Ex Tax: 302.52€

Lupine neo 2

Small lamp, big performanceThe Neo headlamp is equipped with up to 80 hours of battery life, amazing..

208.90€ Ex Tax: 175.55€

Lupine Piko 4

Kleiner, leichter, hellerWir wollten einen Lampenkopf der so klein und leicht ist, dass du ihn stund..

356.00€ Ex Tax: 299.16€

Lupine Wilma RX7

The Wilma changed everything. With 3200 lumens you really realize even with the fastest motions and ..

495.03€ Ex Tax: 415.99€

Mila Batterie carriers

Lightest battery harness on the market made of neoprene foam. comfortable to wear and hardl..

35.01€ Ex Tax: 29.42€

Mila Headlamp Sirius

6 pcs LUXEON LEDSpot Beam 24 degree12V NiMH 4,0Ah  battery and charger.Burning time: 100%=..

154.52€ Ex Tax: 129.85€