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NVII crazy light F1

NVII crazy light F1

NVII: behind them are the names: Peter Ivars, Warren Key (STR8 compasses), Thierry Guoergiou, Petter Thoresen ... These experienced and successful OLers have put all their knowledge and experience together, tested the ideas for 3 years, all their money invested to bring this new shoe brand on the market. NVII comes with new soles, upper materials, damping systems and last on the market.

Crazy light F1 Dobbspikeschuh F1. THE LIGHTEST OL SHOE WITH DOBB SPIKES that is currently on the market

Precise fit (tight and close fitting).

The Crazy light F1 was built with the Crazy light upper material. This is a superlight, very durable fabric

The Crazy light F1 is an extreme light OL shoe. In this shoe we combine the perfect fit with a Dobbspike sole and the lowest weight of a Dobbspike OL shoe.

The Crazy Light F1 comes with our 3-compound midsole

Weight: 200 gr (UK8)

Sizes: 3-12


Smooth and wear-resistant textile

Superfabric is a new development from the USA and consists of 32% polyester and 68% epoxy resin. The lightweight composite material has a particularly high abrasion resistance and can not be pierced even by needles and thorns. In combination with the textile flexibility, the material is therefore also suitable for applications in fashion and footwear (OL shoes) and in outdoor or industrial protective clothing. It is used, for example, in the fall-prone areas such as palms or knuckles and is used, for example, even for shoes that have to endure a lot. Superfabric textiles are water repellent and dry 10 times faster than untreated leather or synthetic leather.

Hexa fabric

In our Crazy Light upper, we use the hexa fabric. It is ultralight and minimally stretched material that provides better foot control while running off-road and on tarmac, and

It has an unexpected stiffness so that the shoe stays in shape and gives a high level of safety while running.

The Hexa fabric is used in areas in which the material should not get wet and should not stretch much.

3-Compound midsole 

The midsole is made up of three different EVA compounds for cushioning.

Under the heel, we have incorporated a softer EVA compound to increase cushioning at each run.

Around the heel or around the soft EVA core herrum then a harder EVA connection has been installed in order to keep the heel shape stable and also to improve the damping.

This harder insole also cushions and keeps the sole in shape at the same time.

In the middle of the sole under foot arch have built in a foot arch support to support and protect the arch of the foot of the runner.

The midsole is thus stiffer and therefore more comfortable. In the forefoot area, we use 3 flex points for good sole flexibility and a better ride.

The damping is 4 mm thick.

 Only limited quantities are produced each year. Quality is a high priority at NVII.

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