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Sportident Schoolset

Sportident Schoolset


The SPORTident School and Training Set is a fully featured configuration of SI-Cards, SI-Stations and a thermal-printer. It enables the immediate usage of the SPORTident-System without a PC .

This instruction describes the handling of the SPORTident-System for use at training activities and for sport lessons. Besides the priority use for orienteering, there exists a multitude of further possibilities where a personal timing at several control points is necessary.

However, on principle the single working steps are valid for all variants of using the SPORTident-System. The SPORTident devices as part of the School- and Training-Set are completely compatible with the whole SPORTident-System. More information about the different system parts are given in the specific product release notes.






Preparation for use

To use the SPORTident School and Training Set no special preparation steps are required. If SPORTident Control cards 8/9, pCard are used, there is the possibility to initialize these SI-Cards runner-specifically. This can be done favourably by the competitor before the training or before the real event. If an SI-Card is not initialised runner specific, the competitor will be registered on the base of the SI-Card-number.







The SPORTident-Stations are always on and typically in Stand-by Mode. They are fully activated with the first SPORTident-Card inserted into a station – “Auto-on”.

For usage the following order in the SPORTident-Stations has to be kept:

Station “Clear”
The data from the previous usage of the SI-Card will be cleared, duration: SI-Card8/9, pCard - 2 sec.

Station “Start”
With the punch in the “Start” station the competition-time starts. If the SICard is not cleared correctly, no start-signal will be emitted.

Control stations
With the punch into the control station the control number of the station and the time is stored on the SI-Card.

Station “Finish”
With the finish-punch the competition-time ends.

SPORTident-Stations fall back into Stand-by Mode automatically according to the adjusted active time.








For the evaluation of the data stored on the SI-Cards there are different possibilities:


Direct printout using the SPORTident Printout-Set
The Printout-Set is part of the package. The whole configuration is battery driven and no PC is needed. The Printout-Set features with the possibility to download a user specific print layout into the printout station. This supports quick and customized data evaluation.
> Product and Application Description Printout-Set


Read-in of the SI-Card data into a PC
The content of the SI-Cards can be read into a PC for further evaluation. The Printout station can be used for this purpose but must be configured into “Read SI-Cards”-mode by using PC-software SI-Config.



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The SPORTident-Cards do not require any maintenance besides the described initialization of SI-Card8/9, pCard. Also the SPORTident-Station feature with nearly no service needs. All the important settings are visible at station's service display.

Important is the adjustment of the all station's (including the BS7-P printout station) internal clocks using the “SI-Master” station. In the set this station is combined with the operating mode “Clear”.

Extended service is possible by using PC software SI-Config. Possible steps are:
•  Adjustment of the active time
•  Definition of different operating mode,
   e. g. station coding

The battery lifetime in the BSF8 stations is 3-5 years, in the BSF7 stations 4-7 years. Battery replacement is done by SPORTident GmbH or certified service points.





•  Synchronizing of time in stations
•  Reconfiguration of stations if required
•  > Download



•  Loading of customer-specific print-layouts
   into the Printout-Station
•  > Download



•  Firmware-Upgrade of stations
•  > Download



•  Personalize SI-Cards
•  > Download



•  Easy to handle competition software
•  Read in of SI-Cards
•  Code check
•  Fast split time printouts
•  Result lists
•  available at


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