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Moscow Kompass

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Moscow compass 2-9-11

TThe Moscompass model 2-9-11 Super Stable Fast / Model 9 SV is recommended for those orienteers who ..

39.02€ Ex Tax: 32.79€

Moscow compass 8

Stable thumb compass for orienteering with rotatable housing and rainbow-colors. The Moscompass syst..

39.02€ Ex Tax: 32.79€

moscow compass 9

 The Moscompass Model 9 Super Stable is recommended for those orienteers preferring v..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 32.77€

Moscow Compass 9 elite

The compass has a new construction by the needle. so it is much more stabil and faster than all othe..

60.57€ Ex Tax: 50.90€

Moscow Compass platecompassplate

you can order only the plate for the moscow compass plate if you have broke it...

16.01€ Ex Tax: 13.45€

Moscow Compass Thumbplate

Thumb compass plates, The plate can be ordered:1. open (left or right)2. closed (left or right)..

16.01€ Ex Tax: 13.45€

Moscow compass thumbplate with lens

The thumb plate with magnifying glass can also be ordered:1. for the left thumb (open or closed plat..

35.52€ Ex Tax: 29.85€

Moscow compass 11

The Moscompass Model 11 Universal is recommended for beginners in orienteering and skilled tourist.N..

26.99€ Ex Tax: 22.68€

Moscow compass 2

 The Moscompass Model 2 Fast is recommended for orienteers, who prefer fast orienteering style...

42.99€ Ex Tax: 36.13€

Moscow compass 22

the simple model of moscow. it is for children , schools and beginners. this compass has all what yo..

30.00€ Ex Tax: 25.21€

Moscow compass 3

The Moscompass Model 3 Stable is recommended for accurate azimuthal moving. Optimum combin..

39.02€ Ex Tax: 32.79€

Moscow lens

This magnifying glass can be easily and quickly mounted on any thumb compass from Moscow compass. In..

14.27€ Ex Tax: 11.99€

Moscow Compass Armbandcompass

with this construction you can wear the compass on the arm...

15.01€ Ex Tax: 12.61€