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Orienteering accessories

Orienteering accessories
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Sportvogl Punches set

10 pieces in a boxthere are variations A, B, CAll control pliers have different stamp patternsAll pl..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 29.41€

SRG 13 Vapro Nose part

Spare part for the glasses SRG 13. This nose part gets lost from time to time. You don't have to thr..

4.00€ Ex Tax: 3.36€

startnumbers PE Folie

the startnumbers can be individual designed and they are waterresistant and very very strong...

0.60€ Ex Tax: 0.50€

Tape Rehband

Tape - recommended if a particularly secure fixation for the ankle, shoulder and knee joints is requ..

4.00€ Ex Tax: 3.36€

Trimtex Neck blue black grey

A great and permanent travel partner! The stretchy neckerchief (also known as buff) is a great piece..

6.90€ Ex Tax: 5.80€

VA Runningglasses with optical help

These glasses are impressive because they are nice and light, offer good protection for the eyes, ha..

20.05€ Ex Tax: 16.85€

Vapro Brille Halfframe

Reading glasses available in a case in the strengths 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0...

20.12€ Ex Tax: 16.91€

Vapro downcutted glasses

Downcutted O-glasses for map reading. Comes with a rubber band, a small bottle of anti-fog liquid an..

20.00€ Ex Tax: 16.81€

Vapro Glasses SRG

Sport reading glasses with a very comfortable fit.Sport reading glasses SRG-13 comes with:• Clear an..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 33.61€

Vapro Rain protection for glasses

This rain and glasses or protective shield is made of solid, transparent hard plastic. It is held on..

12.99€ Ex Tax: 10.92€