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Suunto Ambit 2 S red

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Suunto Ambit2 S GPS clock

The Suunto Ambit 2 , with its built-in GPS and the numerous thoughtful sports and outdoor functions far more than a sports watch . Thanks to its equipment with GPS, altimeter, compass , heart rate monitor , weather forecast and last but not least aufgrnd their light and elegant design, the Suunto Ambit 2 is ideally suited for mountain sports , a sports watch for biking or skiing or any other outdoor sports. In addition, the Ambit 2 S is expandable with over 1,000 free sports apps and can be individually tailored and targeted to their specific needs .
General: time, date, alarm , dual time
Display languages ( DE, EN, ES, FI , FR, IT, NL , PT , SV)
GPS timekeeping
switching Positiv-/Negativ-Display
Customizable backlighting
Versatile key lock
Display of battery level in%
Metric and Imperial measurements
Power Saving
Customizable detection of HF and air pressure / altitude (1 s , 10 s )
Data transfer and charging with USB cable
Clock setting and adjustment *
Extensive analysis after exercise *
Training protocol with stories and pictures *
New features with software upgrades *
Outdoor function :

Extensive GPS functions ( SiRFIV v2.2 )
Adjustable GPS tracking frequency (1 s, 60 s )
Positions in different coordinate systems
Waypoint and Rountennavigation
FindBack function
Logging , display, and parts of the route *
Preparation of Points of Interest ( POI)
Route planning *

GPS altitude
Total ascent / descent - **
Vertical speed **
altitude graph

3-D compass with declination

Special training functions:


GPS-based detection of speed and distance
Average and max. HR in real time ♥
Calorie consumption ♥
Heart rate limits ♥
Heart rate chart in real time ♥
Peak Training Effect & recovery time ♥
Manual Rounds & Autolaps
Countdown Timer
Interval Timer
GPS track analysis *
Heart rate zones ♥
EPOC & V02 max values * ♥

Change of the sport during the recording of the training
Preconfigured Multisport Modes
Comparison of sports *
Multisport training analysis broken down by sport *
Interactive map and charts on the sport / training section *
ANT + ™ - and Suunto ANT support for PODs
ANT + ™ logo , this product is ANT + ™ certified.
Under / directory you will find a list of compatibly products.


Precise measurement of the running speed ( FusedSpeed ™ )
Step frequency measurement with Foot POD
Round compared to kilometer / mile *
Ghost Runner ( Suunto App)
Marathon - end Assessment ( Suunto App)

Numerous Bike PODs support ( Suunto ANT / ANT + ™ )
Power ( W) , average and maximum
For 3 s , 10 s, 30 s
Rounds and rounds maximum performance
Power distribution and diagrams *
Peak power curve *
To determine the power With optional ANT + ™ Bike -power sensor is needed .


Swim time by train length , round, sum
Swimming speed & distance
Number of swimming strokes , stroke frequency and swimming style
Automatic intervals
Dynamic round table with floating trains , speed and time *

Over 1,000 free apps for Suunto Outdoor & Training
Preset up to 50 apps on the clock
Logging of all app - values for subsequent analysis
Creation of Suunto Apps with :
Chrono , GPS , RF , weather and altitude data ♥
Running, swimming and cycling data
Comprehensive mathematical functions , IF-THEN logic , sound , display lighting, etc.
* on
♥ with optional Suunto ANT / ANT + ™ heart rate strap or Suunto Dual

A must for any athlete in the outdoor area.

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