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VJ Amas

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The sole of the shoe is made of butyl rubber. This rubber is used in the tire industry for winter tires and rain tires !!! Agressive the profile are also in the park or even in the terrain excellent grip.

the shoe itself has an explosion of 4mm and weighs 220gramm. The outer material is made of kevlar and offers not only protection against all wood and stones but also keeps long accordingly.

The great advantage of the shoe is the fact that he if he is not wet becomes saturated.

In addition, the shoe has built into the front foot area and a gel insert in the heel for cushioning for running on hard surfaces.

He is the Inov 8 shoe Xtalon 212 replace: Why? He's fit the same, when wet easily, has a better sole in all mats and areas, more grip, more leadership, more stability, more cushioning, perfect place at the foot ... in a word, the perfect running shoe for Sprint, Trail and orienteering! More under OL shoes without spikes

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