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SI card 11

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September 2012

The SI-Card11 belongs to the third generation of SI-Cards.

SI-Cards11 register the data record in 60 ms. This is twice as fast as SI-Card8/9, the most

advanced SI-Cards so far.

In general SI-Card11 offers a more smart user experience. SI-Card11 features an integrated

electronic module. There is an optical feedback signal (flashing LED) indicating the finished time

registration process.

There is exactly one feedback signal cycle from the SI-Station. Then next 11 feedback signals will

be transmitted by the SI-Card within 5 seconds.

SI-Card11 feedback signals are powered by battery. Power consumption is very low. Based on

calculations there is enough power to activate up to 30,000 flashing cycles.

The SI-Card11 features a fall back option. If the battery is empty the device works like the passive

SI-Card10. So any risk is eliminated.

SI-Card11 comes with a chromium plated tip and transparent body. The flashing LED illuminates

the SI logo in the tip and emits into the transparent body.



Model type Finger stick

Number range 9,000,001 ... 9,999,999

Data exchange time 60 ms

Clear time < 0.5 s

Warranty 5 years, expected life time up to 20 years

Operating range -20°C - +50°C

Battery life time Up to 30,000 flashing cycles

Protection class IP 65 (DIN EN 60529)

– Protection against penetration of dust

– Protection against powerful water jets from all directions

Control records 128

Special records Clear, Check, Start, Finish

SI system compatibility SI-Stations 7/8, firmware V5.74 and higher

Data format 24h-format, day of week, counter for up to 4 weeks

Weight 12 g

Dimensions 70 mm x 19 mm x 8 mm

Colours Transparent holder, chromium plated tip with logo

Typical application Adventure and Outdoor sport, Orienteering


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