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As the first company worldwide, we equipped our led-lamps which have a „R" in their name with Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest bluetooth standard, offering high power conversion efficiency and range of at least 10 meters. (depending on the battery status of your remote / Smartphone)

Remote control

From now on you operate up to 5 lamp heads simultaneously by remote control in your hand, or directly from the handlebar - without delay, without cable and without safety risk.

Mobile APP

With the free Lupine Light Control app you quickly connect your lamp with your smartphone. It has never been so easy to set your light levels, modify, or use special features.



Unique in the world, our LED lighting products offer you numerous programming options, from 3-step mode with super flash up to two weeks of continuous light in the lowest possible emergency mode. However the programming and operation is very simple and can be done conveniently via the button on the lamp head/remote control or via app for your smartphone.


Unbeatable versatility

You´re transforming it from a headlamp to a helmet lamp, or attaching it to your handlebar via quick release in a few minutes or securely and quickly to just about any smooth surface by 3M Dual Lock. Thereby our lamps are extremely versatile, whether for mountain biking, camping, running, skiing or climbing and working. Our numerous fastening systems offer you the right mount for every application.

Uniquely compatible

You can almost combine any battery with each lamp. No matter if it is a battery of the last generation or a modern SmartCore battery - all plug connectors are based for over 20 years on the same system and are still compatible with each other, even though we have improved to the increased power level. So y

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